Hydro Demolition

Commercial Water Blasting



Clean Sweep's Hydrodemolition utilizes a new generation of robotic ultra high-pressure water jet cutting equipment. Our robotics prepare concrete for the rehabilitation process. We repair bridge decks, highways, parking garages, factories, warehouses, airport runways, and more. From light surface scarification to deep cut concrete removal, we deliver a range of Hydrodemolition capabilities. Our robotic concrete hydro-cutting equipment is state of the art. It is fast, cost-effective, and environmentally clean. It outperforms all previous methods of concrete removal or repair.We provide the most skilled and experienced Hydrodemolition Contractors in all of Florida.

  • Continuous High Productivity By The Use Of High Pressured Water
  • Depth Control During Removal
  • Strong Profile For Superior Mechanical Bonding
  • No Vibration or Dust
  • Environmentally Clean Water Recycling Option
  • Leaves Rebar in Place, Clean and Undamaged
  • Highly Profiled Surface Ready To Accept New Concrete Overlay
  • Removes Defective and Deteriorated Concrete
  • Approved by the Florida Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration


Using high pressured water from 5,000 to 42,000 P.S.I. (only using pressures that is necessary to avoid damage to surfaces)

Evaporators & Heat Exchangers

Tube Lancing Ragid Lancing Shell Side Cleaning


Clean Cut Surface Preparation (Coatings, Eddy Current Test)

Boilers & Chimneys

Air Heaters ID Fans Mud Drums Boiler Tubes & Header Walls

Pipes & Waste Lines

1/2" to 36" Pipes