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How Hydroblasting Is Used For Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is important for the immediate and long-term success of concrete sealants. Guidelines for the proper preparation of a concrete surface include removing any old layers and complete decontamination of the surface. This can be done most easily and effectively with water jet cleaning offered by Clean Sweep Hydroblasting. What Hydroblasting Can Do … Continue reading “How Hydroblasting Is Used For Surface Preparation”

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All About Hydro Blasting

Hydroblasting concrete also referred to as hydro-demolition, hydro-milling, water basting, or water jetting is a mechanism for cleaning external and internal surfaces. It relies on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning outcome. Hydro-demolition provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications. What Are The Various Classifications … Continue reading “All About Hydro Blasting”

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