Cooling Tower Cleaning Jacksonville

If you own or manage a large commercial property in Jacksonville, FL that has an A/C system that relies on a cooling tower to function, then you’ll need quality cooling tower cleaning in order to make sure that it continuously functions and runs efficiently. Cooling towers are specially designed to bring air and water into direct contact with each other so that the water’s temperature can be reduced. This complicated process happens when a small volume of water is evaporated and it results in the reduction of the water’s temperature that’s moving throughout the tower. Cooling towers are often commonly used in large buildings such as refinement plants, manufacturing factories, and power plants across the country.

In Jacksonville and many other hot regions in the Southeast US, large buildings of many types depend on cooling towers for their AC systems. Schools, offices, and hospitals in Jacksonville will rely on cooling towers to ensure their building is kept as safe and comfortable as possible. Here at Clean Sweep Hydroblasting, we utilize all the capabilities of our highly-pressurized water to ensure that your cooling tower is clean and running at its max efficiency.

What’s The Importance Of Cooling Tower Cleaning In Jacksonville?

Cooling tower cleaning by itself is deemed as one of the most important maintenance procedures involved in property cleaning. And it’s needed for any building that has an A/C system that relies on cooling towers. In the city of Jacksonville, there are numerous commercial buildings of different shapes and sizes. And due to the way some of these building’s towers function, they offer the ideal environment for the birth and development of countless bacteria. And one type among them – the Legionella bacteria – is a small but dangerous organism that’s often present in unclean cooling towers.

When you’re exposed to Legionella bacteria, it’s very probable that you’ll contract a few other illnesses alongside with it. For instance, you might contract Legionnaire’s disease after, a condition that’s very similar to pneumonia. And another illness you might also contract is also Pontiac Fever – a sickness that’s very similar to contracting the flu.

Due to the probable occurrence of these health risk factors, big building property managers will typically work hard in order to give their cooling towers the maintenance they need. This is so that they can protect the well-being of their property’s occupants. And also, cooling tower maintenance is required by the  Occupational Safety And Health Administration, or OSHA. In the OSHA Technical Manual or the OTM, it’s stated that all cooling towers should be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned at least two times each year.

And lastly, another important reason why you’ll want to clean your cooling towers is because you’ll want them to be able to run at max efficiency. When your cooling tower gets dirty and overpopulated with bacteria, you’ll be overworking your A/C system. And as a result, your cooling tower will need to rely on more energy to become fully operational. And then you’ll be paying more for higher operating costs for a tower that’s only providing a hot and uncomfortable building for the occupants.

How Does Clean Sweep Hydroblasting Perform Cooling Tower Cleaning In Jacksonville?

Thanks to Clean Sweep’s hydroblasting services, their highly-pressurized water blasting is so powerful that they can clean and disinfect the surfaces within cooling towers. And by giving them the cleaning they require with high-pressure water blasting, your cooling towers will receive the most thorough and powerful cooling tower maintenance. With our hydroblasting hoses adjustable nozzles, can change the PSI of our equipment in order to accurately direct their force onto dirty areas of the cooling tower. And due to this accuracy, we can effectively remove all debris and contaminants from the thermal surfaces. Generally, when it comes to cooling tower maintenance, water blasting is the most efficient and ideal way to get the job done.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hydroblasting For Cleaning Cooling Towers?

You’ll be granted with many benefits once you choose to hire Clean Sweep Hydroblasting to come clean your cooling tower. One benefit, for instance, is that you won’t need to fret about a dirty clean up after our work is done. This is because water can be dried and easily removed, which reduces the chance of any negative effects impacting your towers. With other cleaning methods out there, you risk the chance of inflicting long-lasting negative effects onto your towers. When using harsh chemicals to clean your cooling towers, for instance, the abrasives often used aren’t suitable for the material that’s used to construct your tower. This method, along with many others, will require you to take into consideration the many factors involved to clean your tower. But with hydroblasting, there are only two things you’ll need to keep in mind. The first one is figuring out if the tower’s surface can handle the pressure of water blasting. And the other is being mindful of any electrical equipment that is lying around that could get damage with the contact of moisture. In a lot of cases, hydroblasting is perfectly safe for cleaning cooling towers.

Another amazing benefit you gain from utilizing hydroblasting services to clean your tower is that you can use it to help clean hard to reach areas. In a lot of cases, cooling towers are created with small holes and slits that must be properly cleaned in order to ensure max efficiency. Standard cooling tower cleaning methods are unable to reach these areas. Hydroblasting is capable of cleaning out nearly any contaminate in these small and difficult to clean areas.

Choose Clean Sweep Hydroblasting To Provide You With Cooling Tower Cleaning In Jacksonville

When it comes to cooling tower cleaning in Jacksonville, look no further than Clean Sweep Hydroblasting. We’ve been utilizing hydroblasting to clean cooling towers throughout Jacksonville since before OSHA regulations were in place. Want to learn more about cooling tower cleaning in Jacksonville? Give us a call at (561) 793-1509 or contact us online today.