Cooling Tower Cleaning South Carolina

For any air condition systems that depend on cooling towers to function in South Carolina, they will always need cooling tower cleaning in order to run efficiently and safely. Cooling towers are specialized heat exchangers that bring air and water into direct contact with one another in order to reduce the temperature of the water. Such a complicated process takes place as a small volume of water is evaporated. This evaporation results in the reduction of the temperature of the water that’s moved throughout the tower. Most often, cooling towers are used in large buildings like power plants, manufacturing factories, and refinement plants across the country.

However, in hotter regions such as the Southeast US, where South Carolina resides, massive buildings of all types rely on cooling towers in their AC systems. Hospitals, schools, and offices in South Carolina use cooling towers to ensure that their building is kept as comfortable and safe as possible. At Clean Sweep Hydroblasting, we take full advantage of highly-pressurized water to make sure that your cooling tower is clean and running at its max efficiency.

What’s The Importance Of Cooling Tower Cleaning In South Carolina?

One of the most important parts of building maintenance, for any building that has an AC system that relies on cooling towers, is cooling tower cleaning. In South Carolina, there are a plethora of immense commercial buildings of all sizes. And because of the way some of these towers function, they provide the perfect environment for the incubation and development of countless bacteria. And for some among them, there exists the Legionella bacteria – an organism that’s commonly present in dirty cooling towers.

When you’re exposed to the Legionella bacteria, you can expect to contract different illnesses. One of them is called Legionnaire’s disease, a condition that’s very similar to pneumonia. And additionally, exposure to this disease could also lead to another disease called Pontiac Fever, which is very similar to the flu.

Given these facts, large building property managers work hard to make sure that their cooling towers are cleaned twice a year to protect the health of the building’s occupants. On that same note, cooling tower maintenance is needed by the Occupational Safety And Health Administration, or OSHA. In the OSHA Technical Manual or the OTM, it’s stated that all cooling towers should be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned at least two times per year.

And finally, a dirty cooling tower means that your tower is not performing at its max efficiency. And when they become dirty or overgrown with bacteria, that means you’re overworking your AC system. What this means is that the cooling tower will need more energy to be fully operational. And as a result, this will require higher operating costs for the tower itself as well as cause a hot and uncomfortable building for the occupants.

How Does Clean Sweep Hydroblasting Perform Cooling Tower Cleaning In South Carolina?

We utilize our professional hydroblasting services with high-pressure water blasting in order to clean and disinfect the surfaces within cooling towers. By cleaning them with the use of high-pressure water blasting, your cooling towers will receive the most thorough method of cooling tower maintenance. The water jets from our hydroblasting hoses can be adjusted to accurately direct their pressure onto dirty areas of the cooling tower. And the water pressure can also be adjusted to remove all debris and contaminants from the thermal surfaces. Generally, when it comes to cooling tower maintenance, water blasting is the most efficient and ideal way to get the job done.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hydroblasting For Cleaning Cooling Towers?

There are numerous benefits of hiring a hydroblasting service to clean your cooling towers. One of them is the fact that water can be dried and easily removed, leaving no negative impact on your towers. Also, compared to other methods, hydroblasting leaves behind no negative effects. When using other alternative methods, you’ll be left with long-lasting negative impacts. In the case of using harsh chemicals to clean cooling towers, the abrasives used isn’t suitable for use with the materials the tower is composed of.  But with hydroblasting, there are only two factors to consider before cleaning. The first one is figuring out if the surface of the tower can handle the pressure of water blasting. And the other is if there are any electrical equipment that could be damaged with the introduction of moisture. In most cases, hydroblasting is perfectly safe for cleaning cooling towers.

Another significant benefit of utilizing hydroblasting services for cooling tower cleaning is that its use can help to clean hard to reach areas. Most often, cooling towers are made with small slits and holes that must be properly cleaned in order to maintain full efficiency. Standard cooling tower cleaning methods are unable to reach these areas. Hydroblasting is capable of cleaning out nearly any contaminate in these small and difficult to clean areas.

Choose Clean Sweep Hydroblasting To Provide You With Cooling Tower Cleaning In South Carolina

When it comes to cooling tower cleaning in South Carolina, look no further than Clean Sweep Hydroblasting. We’ve been utilizing hydroblasting to clean cooling towers throughout South Carolina since before OSHA regulations were in place. Want to learn more about cooling tower cleaning in South Carolina? Give us a call at (561) 793-1509 or contact us online today.

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