Cooling Tower Cleaning Greensboro

As soon as you become the owner or manager of a large-scale property, there are many facets of responsibilities you’ll be faced with. One of which – which happens to be one of the most prominent ones – involves hiring a Greensboro, NC cooling tower cleaning service. And this is because your cooling tower will eventually get too filthy and your A/C system won’t be able to operate and function at its fullest potential. Cooling towers help large buildings make their A/C systems work by colliding water and air together in order to reduce the temperature of the former. And while this process sounds simple, it’s much more complex than how it seems. And because of this complexity, it’s advised that you inform yourself of everything you can possibly know about cooling towers so that you can be aware of the possible malfunctions or setbacks that can occur.

Browse through some of the other buildings in town and you’ll notice that yours isn’t the only one with a cooling tower in it. This is because most large-scale properties depend on a cooling tower for their A/C to function and provide a cool interior environment. Cooling towers are often seen in buildings like manufacturing factories, refinement plants, power plants, and many other large buildings across the country.

Regions in the Southeast US are often very hot, and Greensboro, NC is no exception. For this reason, countless Greensboro large buildings are constructed with cooling towers to ensure that their A/C systems remain functional. And if they become too dirty, they aren’t able to fulfill the purpose they were built for. At Clean Sweep Hydroblasting, we here utilize every single capability of our highly-pressurized water blasting hoses to make sure that your cooling tower is cleaned and running at its max efficiency.

What’s The Importance Of Cooling Tower Cleaning In Greensboro?

Cooling tower cleaning will always be a necessity for any Greensboro large-scale property. In fact, any Greensboro property owner will affirm that and might even add that it’s one of the most important maintenance practices needed for large buildings in general. The reason being that many large buildings of various types rely on cooling tower maintenance to maintain a healthy environment. Without such maintenance, cooling towers can get dirty and they can provide the perfect environment for the development of harmful bacteria. And one of them – Legionella Bacteria –  is among the deadliest.

After you’re infected with the Legionella bacteria, you’ll become much more vulnerable to a chain of many different illnesses. You might, for instance, contract Legionnaire’s disease, an illness that makes you victim to symptoms that are similar to pneumonia. And you might also get Pontiac Fever as well – sickness with symptoms similar to the flu. And because of the likeliness that you’ll contract these sicknesses, Greensboro property owners will typically overwork themselves to ensure that their cooling towers are getting the maintenance they need. Also, it’s also actually required by the Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) that cooling towers receive maintenance twice a year.

Other than providing your interior with a healthy environment, cooling tower maintenance will also be required for when you want them to run at max efficiency. A cooling tower that’s filled with filth and bacteria will force your A/C system to overwork itself, resulting in more energy usage. In the end, you’ll pay more for a higher operating cost for a tower that’s only giving you and your occupants an uncomfortable and humid environment.

How Does Clean Sweep Hydroblasting Perform Cooling Tower Cleaning In Greensboro?

We are well-renowned here at Clean Sweep Hydroblasting for our deliverance in bringing impactful and effective cooling tower cleaning to Greensboro clients. When our services are provided, we utilize highly-pressurized hydroblasting to ensure that your cooling tower will only the greatest maintenance it can possibly get. And once our services are applied,  we will have significantly and successfully disinfected the surfaces within your cooling tower. Your Greensboro cooling tower can get the most effective and thorough cleaning ever with hydroblasting.

Clean Sweep Hydroblasting’s hoses are made with adjustable nozzles so that we can alter the PSI of our equipment for any given project when needed. A PSI adjustment will be required for when we want to direct the power of our hydroblasting onto any area of your cooling tower for cleaning without damaging the surface. And due to this, all debris and contaminants from the thermal surfaces of your cooling tower can be effectively removed. Ultimately, for the most optimal cooling tower cleaning in Greensboro, Clean Sweep Hydroblasting’s services are the most efficient and ideal way to get the job done.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hydroblasting For Cleaning Cooling Towers in Greensboro?

After we visit your Greensboro property and apply our services to give your cooling tower the maintenance it deserves, you’ll gain many benefits from our work. One among them is that you won’t have fret over doing a dirty-clean up. And this is due to the fact that Clean Sweep Hydroblsting only ever depends on water to get the job done – a substance that can be easily dried and removed.

When you choose to have another maintenance practice performed on your Greensboro cooling tower, you run the risk of negatively impacting your cooling tower. But with hydroblasting, there are very few risks involved. In fact, you only need to consider two things before you have hydroblasting applied:

  • (1) You’ll need to assess your cooling tower and make sure that it’s able to withstand the strength of hydroblasting.
  • (2) you will also need to be aware of electrical equipment that’s lying around. If electrical equipment comes into contact with moisture, they’ll likely get damaged and put you and other people at risk.


Hydroblasting will turn out to be most useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your cooling tower. And this is because water’s fluidity allows it to seep through each small hole and slit that cooling towers are constructed with. Hydroblasting is able to clean out nearly any contaminate in these small and difficult to clean areas. And after our work is done, your tower will run at max efficiency in no time.

Choose Clean Sweep Hydroblasting To Provide You With Cooling Tower Cleaning In Greensboro

When it comes to cooling tower cleaning in Greensboro, look no further than Clean Sweep Hydroblasting. We’ve been utilizing hydroblasting to clean cooling towers throughout Greensboro since before OSHA regulations were in place. Want to learn more about cooling tower cleaning in Greensboro? Give us a call at (561) 793-1509 or contact us online today.